Hi and welcome to the site…
I am a practicing artist based in Cardiff working in multimedia cross-art disciplines including music, video and drama.

I am available for community, corporate and private commissions and projects. The following pages contain image, sound and video files of my most recent projects.

Commissioned Art:
Alongside my exhibitions of fine art I also take on private and corporate commissions and provide a specialized ‘Bespoke Environment’ service where I will work with a client to create a site-specific piece of work.
Please visit the Art section and view the image galleries.

Community Art:
I established a performing arts company, which has evolved into a community arts charity; this runs many varied and far ranging projects.
Please visit the Community Artist section to be taken to the
People Around Here website.

Both my wife, Rachel Taylor-Beales, and I are touring musicians and have created our own independent label called Hushland.
To hear and see our music please visit the Hushland site listed.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy the site.
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